Flappy Royale

Flappy Royale is a last-one-flapping battle royale. Can you stay alive longer than 99 opponents?

Flappy Bootcamp

  • The thing is though, Flappy Royale is just damn fun. The formula works.-toucharcade
  • É tudo um bocado caótico-Eurogamer pt
  • A sense of futility is pervasive in Flappy Royale as well, but it’s counter-balanced by the fact that everyone is doomed together. Or, at least, almost everyone.-Kotaku
  • It is frustrating, extremely addictive and you should probably not play it, but I simply couldn't help myself and have played over 50 matches while writing this article.-Glitched Africa
  • It's utter chaos compiled into a tiny box, like tons and tons of pressure that has no way to escape other than by exploding-Android Headlines
  • El futuro de los battle royale está aquí, #FlappyRoyale.-@germormal
  • I really wish I liked other mobile games. But everything else I’ve tried feels dulled compared to [...] Flappy Royale.-Venture Beat
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